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The Camera Is A Very Sophisticated And Expensive Device
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Cameras are very sophisticated and expensive equipment, so keep them in mind when using them. When going out to shoot, you must have a good and safe packing box. If you are transporting by long-distance bus, be careful to put the camera equipment on the front of the car to minimize the vibration of the machine. Here's how to use and maintain it:

1. Protect the LCD screen. During the use of the LCD screen of the digital camera, some fingerprints or dirt that are difficult to wipe off may be stuck. In addition to soft rubbing with a soft cloth, a transparent protective film can be attached, which can be more effective. Avoid the screen being scratched.

2. When the cameraman grabs the lens, pay attention to the connection between the cable and the recorder. Don't run the machine while ignoring the cable. Also ignore the cable and connect it to the recorder to prevent the cable from being torn over the recorder or torn due to excessive force. The connection in the camera cable.

3. The camera should be protected from rain. Avoid using the camera in places where it is wet, hot, and scratched with sharp objects, dust, and strong magnetic fields. These factors can cause a lot of damage to the camera or cause the machine to malfunction.

4. Since most cameras use a camera tube, exposure to light or strong reflection for a long time may cause the camera tube to burn out. The camera can't be used right when facing the light and the sun, and can't focus on them. Avoid this loss.