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SLR Digital Camera Refers To Single-lens Reflex Digital Camera
- Jul 10, 2018 -

SLR digital cameras refer to single-lens reflex digital cameras, namely digital digital, single, lens, reflex reflective dslr. Representative models in the market are commonly found in Nikon, Canon, Pentax, and Fuji. Such cameras are generally bulky and heavy.

Models using the electronic viewfinder evf are also classified as SLRs, but generally add "similar", or indicate evf framing, such as Olympus c- 2100uz, Fuji finepix 6900 and so on. In the working system of the digital SLR digital camera, after the light reaches the mirror through the lens, it is refracted to the above focusing screen and formed into an image. Through the eyepiece and the pentaprism, we can see the outside scenery in the viewing window. In contrast, a typical digital camera can only see the captured image through an LCD screen or an electronic viewfinder (evf). Obviously, the image that is directly seen is more conducive to shooting than the image that is seen by processing.

One of the great features of SLR digital cameras is that they can exchange lenses of different specifications. This is a natural advantage of SLR cameras, which is unmatched by ordinary digital cameras.

SLR refers to single-lens reflex, SLR (Single Lens Reflex), which is the most popular framing system today, and most 35mm cameras use this viewfinder. In this system, the unique design of the mirror and prism allows the photographer to directly view the image through the lens from the viewfinder.