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Micro Single Camera Main Features
- Jul 10, 2018 -

The micro-single contains two meanings: micro, micro-small, single, replaceable single-lens camera, which means that the camera has a compact size and SLR general image quality, that is, miniature and SLR performance. The camera is called a micro single camera. Ordinary card-type digital cameras are very fashionable, but subject to the aperture and lens size, there are always some beautiful scenery that cannot be taken; professional SLR cameras are too bulky. Therefore, the length of the two, the micro-single camera came into being.

Main features: Micro single removes the reflector and the top viewfinder system in the SLR, and modifies the focus system in the SLR. Without the reflector, there is no reflection of light, so you can't directly see the scene through the lens. In the case, there is another finder window to be opened, and then the same as the card machine, the framing through the LCD, while improving the compactness of the micro-single body, of course, the focusing performance is also different, the focus performance of the SLR is phase focusing, and micro The single-use is the contrast focus. The contrast focus needs to repeatedly detect the contrast during the focusing process. When the focus is achieved, it may continue to focus too much and then return to the focus position, which will be slower than the phase focus. Phase-based focusing can be directly at the focus of the focus, without the need to over-focus, which saves some time and will be faster.