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Digital Camera Purchase Tips
- Jul 10, 2018 -

1, lens selection

Lens: Most friends do not change lenses frequently. Digital camera lenses are generally divided into optical zoom lenses and fixed-focus lenses. For consumer-grade digital cameras, optical zoom lenses are much better than fixed-focus lenses. The SLR lens is the opposite, because in consumer-grade digital cameras, the fixed-focus lens is generally not as good as the optical zoom lens.

2, use choice

Travel friends, hobby shooters, enthusiasts, professionals.

3, price selection

1500RMB, you can buy a 4x optical zoom ultra-thin camera. It performs well during the fast snap shot process - the subject is not always stationary, you know.

2,000 to 2,500 cash to buy a camera, a very sweet, full-featured and small enough to fit into your jacket or jeans pocket. In this price range, the market is also full of various models.

The choice of the 4000 ocean to buy a camera is even greater. If you like to shoot birds flying in the sky and beasts in the forest, or if you want to sneak a shot, you can choose a camera with a built-in lens and a large focal length.

7,000 RMB, it must not be taking pictures, but enjoying the process.