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CCD Cameras Can Be Roughly Divided Into The Following Categories
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Divided by imaging color

1. Color camera: It is suitable for the detail recognition of the scene, such as the color of the clothing or the scene. The amount of information increases due to the color, and the amount of information is generally considered to be 10 times that of a black-and-white camera.

2. Black and white camera: It is used in areas with insufficient light and no lighting equipment at night. When monitoring only the position or movement of the scene, you can choose a black and white camera with a resolution higher than that of a color camera.

Divided by camera resolution

1. The image pixel is about 250,000 pixels (pixel), the color resolution is 330 lines, and the black and white resolution is about 400 lines.

2. The mid-range type of image pixels between 250,000 and 380,000, color resolution of 420 lines, and black-and-white resolution of 500 lines

Divided by camera sensitivity

1. Ordinary type: illuminance required for normal work is 1~3 LUX (lux)

2. Moonlight type: The illumination required for normal work is about 0.1 LUX

3. Star type: The required illumination for normal work is below 0.01 LUX

4. Infrared illumination type: In principle, it can be zero illumination, and infrared light source imaging is used.

Divided by the size of the CCD target surface of the imaging element

1. 1in target size is 12.7mm wide and 9.6mm high, diagonal 16mm

2. 2/3in target size is 8.8mm wide and 6.6mm high, diagonal 11mm

2. 1/2in target size is 6.4mm wide and 4.8mm high, diagonal 8mm

4. 1/3in target size is 4.8mm wide and 3.6mm high, diagonal 6mm

5. 1/4in target size is 3.2mm wide and 2.4mm high, diagonal 4mm

6. 1/5in is under development and has not yet launched a formal product

In addition, CCD cameras are available in PAL and NTSC systems, and can be divided by image signal processing or by camera structure.