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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Cameras
- Jul 10, 2018 -


1. You can see the picture immediately after taking a picture, thus providing the possibility of re-shooting the unsatisfactory work immediately, reducing the occurrence of regrets.

2. You only pay for photos that you want to rinse, and other unwanted photos can be deleted.

3. Color reproduction and color range no longer depend on the quality of the film.

4, the sensitivity is no longer fixed by the film, the photoelectric conversion chip can provide a variety of sensitivity options.

5. The product structure is relatively simple, the appearance is more refined, and the product is more and more convenient to carry.

6, the digital camera is simple and clear to operate, easy to get started.


1. Due to the conversion of the imaging element and the image processing chip, the image quality is less layered than the optical camera.

2. Due to the different image processing chip technologies of various manufacturers, the color of the imaged photo shows a different difference from the actual object.

3. Due to the lack of core technology in China, the maintenance cost of later use is higher.