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A Wide Variety Of Cameras
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Cameras, waterproof digital cameras, and a wide variety of cameras have the same basic principles of operation: converting optical image signals into electrical signals for storage or transmission. When we shoot an object, the light reflected on the object is collected by the camera lens, which is focused on the light receiving surface of the imaging device (such as the target surface of the camera tube), and then converted into electric energy by the imaging device, that is, "Video signal". The photoelectric signal is very weak, it needs to be amplified by the preamplifier circuit, and then processed and adjusted by various circuits. The final standard signal can be sent to a recording medium such as a video recorder for recording, or transmitted to a monitor through a propagation system. display.

Work place

1. Social security surveillance cameras: large market and wide demand.

2. Unsuitable for exposure: The reporter secretly visited the camera and the button to see the word camera (also called the wireless video transmission system).