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What is the Maximum Number of Pixels in a Digital Camera?
- Nov 29, 2018 -

Unlike effective pixels which is real, the maximum pixel is obtained after interpolation. The interpolation operation is performed by a DSP chip provided inside the digital camera, and when the image needs to be enlarged, the nearest neighbor interpolation, linear interpolation etc are used to add pixels for the image which is enlarged. The image quality obtained after the interpolation operation cannot be compared with the image which is photographed by effective pixels. In the market, some merchants will indicate that "the hardware interpolation can reach XXX pixels", which is the same principle, but in the image quality and sensitivity, the picture with the max pixel can not match the resolution of the effective pixels. The largest pixel, also directly refers to the pixels of the CCD/CMOS sensor. Some sellers only advertise the maximum pixel of the digital camera in order to increase sales. When the digital camera sets the image resolution, it also has the resolution picture of the highest pixel. However, the user should be aware that this is the value obtained by the internal calculation of the digital camera. When the image is printed, the impairment of the image quality will be very obvious.