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What is the Manual Adjustment of White Balance in Digital Camera?
- Nov 15, 2018 -

This white balance describes the white balance settings for some common lighting situations. In general, the user needs to point the camera to the white balance reference point, which is the "white" object in the picture as a white point. But the question is what is "white". For example, different white papers will have different white colors. Some white papers may be slightly yellowish. Some white papers may be slightly white, and the light will affect our "white" color. How to determine "real white"? One way to solve this problem is to carry a standard piece of white paper with you and compare it with the subject when shooting. This method works very well, so when it is difficult to determine this setting during indoor shooting, it is possible to set the white balance according to the "reference" white paper. When there is no white paper, adjust the camera to an object that the eye is considered white.