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What is the Equivalent ISO of a Digital Camera?
- Nov 12, 2018 -

ISO stands for the standard of ISO speed in traditional film cameras. The ISO definition in the digital camera is the same as that of the film, which represents the speed of the CCD or CMOS sensor. The higher the ISO value, the stronger the sensitivity of the film. The calculation formula of ISO is S=0.8/H (S sensitivity, H is exposure). From the formula, we can see that the higher the sensitivity, the less the requirement for exposure. The ISO 200 film has twice the speed of ISO 100. In other words, ISO 200 film requires half the exposure time of ISO 100 film under the same conditions. In a digital camera, by adjusting the equivalent sensitivity, you can change the number of light sources and the brightness of the picture. Therefore, sensitivity also becomes a value that indirectly controls the brightness of the picture.