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Twin Lens Reflex Camera
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Many friends have heard of single lens reflex camera, and may wonder if there is a twin lens reflex camera. Actually, the TLR camera has played a very important role in history.

After World War II, the patent of Rolleiflex’s twin lens reflex camera expired. Many  major manufacturers competed to imitate, and the TLR cameras appeared like mushrooms.

Speaking of twin lens reflex, in fact, it is not precise enough. As mentioned before, the rangefinder camera is that the optical path of the framing and the optical path of the imaging do not overlap. Therefore, the TLR camera is strictly a kind of rangefinder camera. Because it is framed through the lens above, and imaged through the lens below.

We know that Rolleiflex camera is a classic in the classic TLR cameras. Even if you mention TLR camera, you will think of Rolleiflex. Therefore, there are many young artists, enthusiasts, and collectors have spent money to buy.

In addition to Rolleiflex, there is Chinese Seagull, Minolta AUTOCORD and Mamiya C330, which lens is changeable and with a certain macro function.

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