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Large Format Camera
- Dec 31, 2018 -

Follow the timeline, let' s first talk about what types of film cameras there are. When it comes to film cameras, the invention of "Photography" have to be mentioned. For a long time after the invention of photography, the shape of the camera has remained the same. Someone may know that the predecessors of camera is called "black Box". It was invented at the 15th century. A lens, a reflector, and a frosted glass, which were the assistants of painter at that time.

Later, with the photographic materials were invented, people improved on the basis of black boxes. So there was the earliest large format camera.

Large format cameras are divided into monorail and dual-track camera.

The biggest advantage of the monorail camera is the large adjustable range. The dual-track camera can be folded although it is heavy, it is smaller and easy to carry. Both the front and rear groups of the large format camera can be adjusted to take advantage of the huge image field of the lens to achieve rich axis shifting.

Of course, there are also a lot of photographers who take pictures with large format cameras. For example, Adams, who uses a large format camera to capture scenery. The regional exposure method he created is of great significance in the field of landscape photography.

However, taking pictures with large format cameras is very tired, and with the development of the news industry, the demand for pictures is getting higher and higher, so people began to pursue camera miniaturization.