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How to use the camera
- Jul 10, 2018 -

1. When shooting, the camera should be positive. When shooting portraits and buildings, the camera lens should not be tilted, over-tilted or tilted left or right. Otherwise, the subject will be large or small, or the size of the subject will be off the horizon, so that the scene has a feeling of swaying. .

2. When shooting, the camera should be steady. Doing so may cause the image to appear double or blurred. Do not use excessive force when pressing the shutter, especially if it is below 1/30 second. To trigger the trigger like when shooting, first gently press the first spring, grab the opportunity and press the second spring in time. It is best to use a tripod for 1/15 second or less, or take the camera on a fixed object.

3. When using the self-timer, gently dial. Do not put it back in place until the shutter is pressed, otherwise the spring and gear of the self-timer will be easily damaged.

4. When using curtains and small cameras, pay special attention to the protection of the curtains. Do not touch them with your fingers, especially if you want to break the curtains.

5. The camera lens should not face the sun for a long time to prevent light leakage. Especially for the curtain shutter camera, it is easy to burn the curtain because of the focus of the sunlight.

6. When the shutter speed is fixed, it cannot be set in the middle of the adjacent two-stage speed. Each scale of the camera speed control disc has a small hole or small groove, which must be set in place to operate normally. It means that between the two speeds, not only the accurate speed is not obtained, but also the shutter is easily damaged. The number of levels of the aperture can be between the two-level aperture factor.

7. When using a small camera, it is best to develop the habit of adjusting the speed disc after filming first. Some small cameras are not allowed to speed before the film is applied.

8. After using the camera, you must check whether the shutter and the self-timer device are relaxed. Because the core mechanism of the shutter structure is a spring, the spring is too tight for a long time, which tends to weaken the elasticity and affect the accuracy of the shutter speed.

In short, there are many types of cameras, and the methods of using them are not the same. When using the camera, first check the model number of the camera, the specifications of the lens, and how to use it. The new camera has instructions, read it carefully, and be familiar with the performance and operation of each component. If you don't have a manual and you don't know it, be sure to ask, don't force it. Before taking a photo, check that the camera's accessory tape is full. Even small pieces such as film reels should be considered thoughtfully. A slight oversight will affect the smooth progress of photography.