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How to maintain your digital camera? Update Firmware for Your Digital Camera.
- Oct 08, 2018 -

This month, short articles will be published twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays to explain how to maintain your digital camera and prolong its lifespan.

As we all know, BIOS of the computer motherboard need to be updated from time to time to achieve more stable performance. So does the digital cameras. Firmware updating can help to improve system performance and improve its functions. The firmware of the digital camera is the same as the BIOS of the computer motherboard, which is burned on the chip. Nowadays, most digital camera firmware uses a rewritable chip. We only need to get a software and a SD card to upgrade the firmware for the digital camera.

Take AMKOV CDR2 as an example, firstly, obtain a firmware from AMKOV website or write to their service team with your original firmware version number. Secondly, unzipping the file you get, then you will get a ".bin" file, which is the latest firmware for your camera. Thirdly, copy this file to your digital camera’s SD Card through card reader or connect the digital camera to computer with an USB Cable. After copying the file, you don't need to connect to the computer, but make sure that the digital camera has sufficient power support. Fourthly, press one or two keys as suggested by AMKOV service team and the camera will start to update automatically and screen will show updating ISP or firmware. After upgrading process done, the camera will be powered off automatically. Lastly, keep in mind, take out the SD Card and format it to avoid camera update again or dead because of improper operate.

SPECIAL NOTES: There is a certain risk in upgrading the digital camera firmware by yourself. Once an accident occurs during the upgrade, such as a sudden power failure and incorrect firmware, it may cause the camera dead.