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How to maintain your digital camera? The Effect of Temperature to Camera
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Digital cameras have strict and limited operating temperatures and are not suitable for shooting in cold and hot environments. Continued high temperatures can affect the bonding of the adhesive to the optical lens and other components within the camera. In a cold environment, the camera is also prone to problems such as solidification of the lubricant, malfunction of the components and reduction of battery efficiency. Therefore, the digital camera should be kept away from heat and cold sources, such as radiators and other heating or cooling equipment, cars that are heated by the sun, etc.

In addition, if you are inevitably in the sun, you can use a colored but not dark towel or a tool that can block sunlight, such as tin foil. It is best to wrap the camera in light, lint-free and soft towel which is ventilated and sun-protected, and it is also shock-proof in a certain extent. If you are shooting with a digital camera in a cold environment, you may need more power to start up at low temperatures, and in a cold environment, the battery is less efficient. You need to carry an extra battery while keeping the battery in mind temperature.

What’s more, sudden changes in temperature are very detrimental to digital cameras, especially take the camera from a low temperature to a high temperature, in addition to the condensation caused by temperature changes, which may cause moisture or even short circuit in camera, and it may also cause compression to the camera, which is hard to see by naked eyes but has been damaged inside the camera. If the digital camera has just been taken from a place with a large temperature difference, such as taking to a warm room from a cold outside in the winter, or taking to an air-conditioned room from a hot outdoor in the summer, it should be placed for a while, waiting for the digital camera to slightly adapt to the temperature difference. Then turn it on again, otherwise there may be a boot failure.