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How to maintain your digital camera? SD Card Maintenance
- Oct 18, 2018 -

For photography with digital camera, memory cards play a very important role in the photography process. However, since the usage of memory card is relatively simple, memory card is often damaged due to improper usage.

The first principle of protecting a memory card is to install and remove a memory card when the digital camera is turned off. The common mistake made by users is that they are eager to remove memory card from the camera. Although the power has been turned off, some cameras are slow to store, or the image files are too big and takes a long time. The camera may look like in a stopped state already, while in fact, the storage action continues, so in this case, half of the photos maybe destroyed, and it may also cause permanent damage to memory card. Therefore, it is recommended that after the camera turned off, please wait for a while or make sure that the camera's light is completely off before removing memory card.

Secondly, do not arbitrarily format memory card. When format memory card in camera, make sure the camera has enough power. When format memory card through computer, pay attention to the correct format. If you use an operating system such as Windows XP, you need to be aware that the default FAT32 format is incorrect. Generally, digital cameras use the FAT format. So it is recommended to format memory card in digital camera. 

Thirdly, you should also pay attention to avoid using and storing the memory card under high temperature and high humidity. Do not place the memory card under high temperature and direct sunlight. Avoid physical damage such as heavy pressure, bending, falling, impact, etc. and away from static electricity, magnetic fields, liquids and corrosive substances. When removing the memory card, avoid accessing the storage media of the memory card. If the contact point of the memory card slot is dirty after long-term use, lead to the failure of storing and reading information, you can use compressed air to blow, and never use a small stick to wipe it, otherwise it may cause bigger problem.