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How to maintain your digital camera? Protecting camera’s LCD Display
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Color LCD display is an important unites consist digital cameras. It is not only expensive but also get damaged easily. So special care must be taken during usage.

First of all, pay attention to avoid the camera’s display being scratched by hard objects. Some of the camera’s LCD display has protective film on its surface, some are not. Those without the protective film is very fragile, and any scratch will leave marks. You can consider using a protective film, which can protect the camera’s display. 

In addition, be careful not to let the surface of the camera's LCD display be squeezed by heavy objects, and pay special attention to avoid damage due to high temperature. For some LCD display, with the temperature increases, the camera's LCD display will turn black and when reaching to a certain level, even the temperature goes down to normal, the color LCD cannot be restored. For some, the brightness of the LCD displays will decrease with the temperature drop. When the temperature is quite low, the brightness of the LCD will be very low. Once the temperature rises, the brightness will automatically return to normal. This is normal.

What’s more, there are backlight on the back of the camera's LCD display which cannot be seen from the surface. If the image on the display is dark, or there is a spot on the displayed image, or the image cannot be displayed at all, mostly caused by backlight aging. In this case, backlight can be replaced. If the surface of the camera's LCD display is dirty, methods of cleaning camera’s lens can be referred to clean the display. After cleaning, it should be dried with a dry cotton cloth.