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How to maintain your digital camera? Cleaning Lens for Your Digital Camera.
- Oct 11, 2018 -

The digital camera’s lens is a very precise and fragile component. The surface of it is made of anti-reflection and photopermeability increasing coating. So the lens cannot be touched directly by hand, because it will stick grease and fingerprints. And touching with hands is very harmful to the coating, and impact the quality of the photos and videos taken.

After the camera is used, there will be some dust. The best way is to blow it off, or gently brush it off. If you can't blow/brush it off, you can use a special lens cloth or lens paper to wipe it gently, but remember one principle, which is, you don't have to wipe the lens unless necessary. Never use paper towels or other seemingly soft paper to clean the lens. These papers contain wood pulp that is easily to scratch the coating, which can seriously damage the delicate coating on the camera lens.

Before wiping, make sure that there are no visible dust particles on the surface to prevent dust particles from grinding the lens. Wiping gently in the same direction, do not wipe back and forth repeatedly to avoid grinding the lens.

If the above mentioned methods not work, there are special cleaning liquid for digital camera lens in the market, but be careful, when using the cleaning liquid, the cleaning liquid should be rubbed on the lens paper to wipe the lens, do not drip directly onto the lens.

In addition, you should never use other chemicals to wipe the lens,but only use the special cleaning liquid when it is necessary. Pay attention to use lens cover and camera bag to reduce the number of cleanings. The cleaning solution is still harmful to the lens. It may cause some moisture problems.