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How to maintain your digital camera? Body Cleaning for Your Digital Camera
- Oct 25, 2018 -

During usage, digital cameras should be protected against smoke and dust. External dust, dirt, oil and fumes can cause camera malfunction and even increase the inertia of the camera's adjustment switches and knobs. During usage, the digital camera is inevitably contaminated by dust, dirt and oil, smoke etc, so special attention must be paid to the cleaning of the body of camera.

To clean the body, you can blow off the dust particles on the surface, and then drip 50% lens cleaning liquid onto a soft cotton cloth to wipe it. When blowing, pay attention to the seam of the digital camera is the priority of cleaning, and also need to avoid the liquid seeping into the camera from the seam. And pay attention, you must not use other chemicals, for example, alcohol, which is easily used by many users because alcohol will corrode the surface of the camera.

Some users use compressed air to blow away the dust in the seam of camera, but the compressed air will cause cooling when used, even condensation forms on the lens surface, so you need to pay special attention when using compressed air. In addition, after cleaning, the camera should be placed in a dry, ventilated place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. After it has dried, it can be used or stored.