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How to clean the lens
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Most digital cameras cannot be installed with protective filters, or they are very inconvenient to install. It is easy to accidentally get some dust, press a handprint or leave a little spit when shooting the lens outside. Although fingerprint dust and water stains on the surface of the lens do not have much influence on imaging. As long as you don't let strong sunlight shine directly on the lens, it will be glare. But how can you tolerate the camera lens that your beloved camera becomes a big face? What if it is not clean? Wipe it!

The lens generally has a multi-layer coating, which will scratch the coating and wipe the lens. Causes irreparable damage to the lens. Am I rubbing or not rubbing it? My experience is that the lens is always getting worse and worse, not the more you rub, the better, don't expect to restore the lens to a new look when it leaves the factory. Therefore, it is recommended not to wipe the lens as a last resort. Prepare some tools before you open the wipe. Conventional cameras include lens water, lens paper (or wet lens paper), lens cloth (or suede), blow balloons, and absorbent cotton. Ok, let's get started.

First use a blower to blow off the dust, and use a lens paper to carefully remove it. Be careful not to use force. Take a little absorbent cotton, damp the lens water, wet it a little, carefully stick the dust and stains still on the lens. This process can't be hard, otherwise it will damage the lens. After ensuring that there are no visible dust particles on the surface, it can be wiped over a large area.

First prepare a small cotton ball (also available with wet lens paper), press it into a cake, and the size is one third of the mirror. Then prepare a large number of large cotton balls, and press them into a cake shape. The size is from two-thirds to three-quarters of the mirror surface. Try not to expose the cotton fiber to the working surface. Use a small cotton ball to dip the lens water, dry it a little, and wipe the mirror in a spiral shape from the center. Don't go back. Then, when the lens water is not dry, use a large cotton ball to gently rub the mirror in the same way. If the effect is not satisfactory, you can come once, but the used cotton ball should not be used anymore. Be careful not to let the lens water directly touch the lens surface. Be sure to use the lens paper. Otherwise, the lens coating may be damaged or the lens water may penetrate into the lens along the edge of the lens, causing the lens to fog or even degumming.

What if there is no lens water? It doesn't matter, you can use it instead of the lens surface. But be careful: don't pout when you are angry, you should open your mouth and gently sigh, so that you don't spit. We just need to create a mist on the surface of the lens. If the lens is made of plastic lenses, it is best not to use lens water or a mixture of alcohol and ether to clean the lens. Be sure to wipe it or use it. However, no matter how carefully wiped, the mirror coating is always damaged, so do not wipe the lens as much as possible.