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Camera structure and components
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Typically, the camera's main components include an imaging element, a darkroom, an imaging medium, and an imaging control structure.

The imaging element can be imaged. A lens group usually made of optical glass is called a lens. Small holes, electromagnetic coils, etc. act as "lenses" on specific equipment.

The imaging medium is responsible for capturing and recording images. Including negative film, CCD, CMOS, etc.

The darkroom provides a connection between the lens and the imaging medium and protects the imaging medium from interference.

The control structure can change the way the image is imaged or recorded to the final imaging effect of the image. Aperture, shutter, focus control, etc.

Material composition

The lens focuses the object onto the film. In order to make the image of the object at different positions clear, in addition to the lens itself needs to correct the aberration, the object distance and the image distance should be kept in a conjugate relationship. For this reason, the lens should be able to move back and forth for focusing, so the camera should generally have a focusing mechanism.