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Camera considerations
- Jul 10, 2018 -

(1) Try not to shoot the sun directly

When using a digital camera, try not to shoot the sun or strong light directly. Although the SLR camera only presses the shutter to expose it, the strong light has little effect on the sensor, but long-term exposure to the strong light may damage the camera's metering system. . The card camera light path is directly opposite the light source, the sensor is always in working state, the long time facing the sun will cause the sensor to age, so try not to try to shoot the sun, especially the hot sun at noon.

(2) The card camera turns "sleep" and retracts the lens.

For the card machine with the lens retractable, the telescopic lens is very fragile. It is recommended to turn on the camera's “sleep” function, so that the lens can be automatically retracted after a period of inactivity, and the lens cover will be closed. To avoid damage to the lens during unintentional bumping, touch the shutter to return to shooting.

(3) Don't often unscrew the lens from the body outdoors

Do not often unscrew the lens from the body outdoors, and inevitably enter dust outside. When replacing the lens, it should be done indoors in the case of low dust. The lens must not be replaced just after sweeping the floor or just stacking the quilt.