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A camera can be long-lived as long as it is well maintained
- Jul 10, 2018 -

As long as a camera is well maintained, it will last a long time. Therefore, we recommend that the camera be serviced when not in use for a long time.

If you are at the beach or on the mountain, you can use the air blow to remove the dust from the camera and wipe it with a soft cloth. Note: Do not wipe the lens directly. Do not use lubricating oil. Avoid violent vibrations. Do not place the camera directly on a moving car or train. When cleaning the lens, use a blower or a brush to remove the dust, and wipe the lens with a suede for the cleaning lens. When the lens is moldy, the camera should be taken to a repair center. In addition, the camera should be placed in a ventilated environment. When the weather is wet, don't forget to put a packet of desiccant next to the camera. Of course, where there is a lot of heat and dust, it is not suitable for retracting the camera. Finally, I want to remind you that regular inspections are better than everything. 

Pay attention to cleaning

The lens of the camera should be wiped with a special wipe, cloth, or camel hair to avoid scratching. When removing dust from the lens, it is best to use a blown brush instead of paper or cloth; when blowing with your mouth, be careful not to get drenched with the lens. When wetting the lens, use a qualified cleaner and do not use strong solvents such as alcohol. It is best to add a protective mirror or filter to the lens to extend the life of the lens on the lens. If you take pictures at the beach, be sure to wipe the camera all the time with a soft cloth dampened with water, because the salt is very absorbent and corrosive.