Kids Digital Camera with Flash

The digital camera is made for kids, with flash, so kids could shoot pictures in dark areas.The camera has real 720P video resolution, which is clear enough for a little kids to shoot daily life videos for themselves.

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Product Details

With the development of smartphones, almost all parents has their own smartphone and could shoot videos and pictures with their own cellphone, but how about kids? When they see their parents take photos, they may want to take photos as well.

If give them a smartphone, parents may worry that their kids use the cellphone to play games or know some bad things through the cellphone. That is why AMKOV started to make cameras for kids.

Most kids digital camera in the market is more like a toy, while as a professional camera producer since 2010, our kids camera are more like a digital camera for kids, we use better sensor to make kids obtain higher video and picture quality. And we add flash for the kids digital camera. What's more, we add two lens for the camera, so that kids can take selfie video and pictures.  Feel free to contact us to know more info about our kids digital camera with flash.

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