High Resolution 360 Camera

Fully spherical 360 Degree images
Built-in wifi, support for IOS & Android
2.0 inch screen

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Product Details

Capture the world in 360° with one shot. --The ONE shoots in every direction at once, capturing life in seamless 4K 360° video.In one shot, you can capture everything surrounding you in a spherical 360°. You can also shoot remotely from a smartphone. It is supports many different shooting styles.

 Using your smartphone and the apps you can view the 360° images and videos shot with the Camera. Rotate the images in any direction you like. Also by using a commercial VR headset, you can enjoy images and videos in full virtual reality as well.Once you’ve got your shot, re-frame the best parts, or share a full 360° experience straight from your phone.

Easy to use Theta apps --One of  High Resolution 360 Camera features is that shooting, viewing, editing, and sharing can all be performed easily in all the apps. The basic app has wide range of functions that are easy to use, and the editing apps offer various fun functions. The apps are continually upgraded and improved with the help of customer feedback.

Shoot First, Point Later - Create a stunning edit with a few taps. Mark off the best parts of your 360° footage and the ONE connects them with ultra-smooth camera movements.

Share your creations with the world.

iOS and Android are supported.can be linked to most smartphones. As 360° still images and videos are highly compatible with popular social networking sites, you can easily share them with your friends and the world.


Question: is the camera waterproof without the case? I plan to hike with it, might get caught in the rain.

Answer: No, it is not water resistent. Please use water proof housing.


Question: Can you use the camera with FaceTime?

Answer: No, Facetime is a app built in to the iphone and ipad and will not work on either of those devices.


Question: How does it store the pictures? SD card?

Answer: Yes. It stores stills and videos into SD card when used standalone. When you connect camera to your phone, stills will be saved to your phone while video will be saved to the sd card

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