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1.Portable and Lightweight: You can take it anywhere, perfect to record precious moments at home and outdoor. 

2.1080p Camcorder-A perfect starter camera at an affordable price.

3.Upgrade built-in chip, reduce noise, improve quality.

4.Awesome to be able to record video and at the same time snap still pics with no glitch or interruption in the video.

5.This camera is very versatile and easy to use for any ages and a great camera to record athletic sporting events or musical, boat fishing, etc.

6.It's perfect for home and tourism video camcorder.

7.Great advanced, high-resolution HD image sensor features extra sensitivity that delivers beautifully lifelike FHD video with natural color, even in low light.





Question: Is there a mic jack for a different external microphone?

Answer: Yes it is :)

Question: Does the camera auto focus?

Answer: Yes,it is.There is a manual zoom,very easy to operate

Does it support Win 10?

Answer: Yes..however, it seems the transfer to Windows 10, makes the video grainy

Question: does this have the stop motion function

Answer: No. All it can do is take photos and video.

Question: does this come with a AC adapter?

Answer: No,have no AC adapter now ,maybe have in future ,we are now improving our product

Question: does the camera show the time stamp when you record

Answer: yes,it is

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