Childrens Digital Camera for 8 Year Old

It is a digital camera for children around 8 years old, suitable for 3 to 10 years old.
With the digital camera, children can record the best memories like their parents do.
The camera made of rugged material, so children won't break it.

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Product Details

When decide to make a childrens digital camera for 8 year old, we considered a lot. Such as what kind of cameras children like? What kind of cameras parents would like to give to children? After all, parents instead of the children buy it. And how can they be connected?

We think even for children, they have high request for photo and video quality, so we make the camera to record 1080P video and 5MP photo. Also they are keen on taking selfie photos like adults do, so we add one more camera lens for the camera, which make it has two cameras. What’s more, the kids camera take some photos with special effect like red, blue, green etc.

What parents would consider when they buy a digital camera for their children? First, it needs to be rugged enough cause kids broke items very easily. Second, we think parents do not like their children play too much games, if they want them to play games, why not buy them a cellphone? So we do not add any games in the camera. To make the childrens digital camera for 8 year old to be a very simple one, just a camera.

In order to link parents with children, we add a WIFI module in the camera, so that parents can connect to wifi in the camera and download photos and videos from the camera. In this case, parents can enjoy the nice photos and videos together with their children, or if they find some really nice, they can share it immediately.

childrens digital camera for 8 year old

camera for 3 to 8 years old

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