About Us

Shenzhen Amkovery Technology Co,. Ltd was founded in 2010 at Shenzhen, China. While we have 15 years’ experience dealing with photo&video products.In 2003 the founder of Amkovery, worked as a QC in AIPTEK, responsible for camera components with suppliers. In 2007, after AIPTEK moved to a northern City in China, Amkovery was founded at DongGuan, China, producing camera shells and structural parts for some world famous brand. At the same time, Amkovery started to sell cameras from some Chinese factories. During this period, Amkovery realized the large discrepancy between world famous brand and Chinese factories, so the idea of creating cameras by our own came out......


Our Products

Amkovery has been producing photo and video products since its foundation. We produce different kind of cameras based on market demands and preferences. With years developing and accumulating, our products now including camera for kids, digital zoom camera, optical zoom camera, 360° panoramic camera, special designed camera, video camera etc. Most of our camera are with patent and certificated with RoHS, CE, FCC etc. And we had produced action camera and Car DVR before, such as AMK5000S, AMK7000S and PH007 etc which you can find a lot of videos on YouTube . We can produce camera based on your ID, or put your logo on our existing camera products. We will keep on R&D camera products, whenever you need cameras, we are here.


Hot Products

Our Path

  • 2018 - Developing Kids Camera, Optical and Digital Zoom Camera
  • 2017 - Producing Classic Designed Camera, 360 Camera and Kids Camera
  • 2016 - Making Action Camera and R&D Panorama Camera
  • 2015 - Successfully Made a Lens Camera and Action Camera
  • 2014 - Producing Digital Camera and Start with Action Camera
  • 2013 - Start to Make Digital Video and Car DVR
  • 2012 - Successfully Made an Optical Camera and a Digital Camera
  • 2011 - R&D Optical and Digital Zoom Camera and Distribute Cameras
  • 2010 - Start to R&D Camera by Our Own and Distribute Cameras
  • 2007-2009 - Camera Structure Parts Supply for World Famous Brand